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Lanmark for Faeihaa escort wrote:
I ****ed up u guys now I can't stop thinking about her I ****ed up again not being in her life ****s with so hard idk I feel like I let her down see the review
Sabalo for Ullakerstin escort wrote:
OP's story in pets: see the review
Estimate for Ochieng escort wrote:
Let me guess, you blame yourself for her cheating ways. see the review
Jough for Milicia escort wrote:
Once again please read “no more mr nice guy”. see the review
Coe for Destia escort wrote:
Well it now comes out that a couple of the lady's co-workers who are guys invited them to spend the weekend at a sea side villa. I assume just the 4 of them. Now her friend is married and pregnant and her co workers won't be trying to get her into bed but I imagine these guys are going to be trying to get my gf into bed the whole time. I know my gf won't do anything. Her friend is early 30s so I am guessing these guys are around the same age. I am 45 for reference. But she does have flirty nature even tho she doesn't realize it and she also dresses provocatively to show off her assets. It makes me so jealous these guys are going to be staying with her and unless they are gay, will be trying to score with her. see the review
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