We’ve just received great news from Doha. The World Heritage Committee has rejected Tony Abbott’s request to have parts of the Tasmanian Wilderness from the World Heritage List.

The Tasmanian Wilderness is a unique and beautiful part of Australia and our planet. We’ve visited the area on many occasions, most recently in May, where we’ve found expansive forests, a rich biodiversity and a strong natural and cultural history. It’s not a surprise the World Heritage Committee has agreed that this area deserves the protection of the World Heritage system.

This proposal should never have gone to the World Heritage Committee and the Committee’s decision confirmed what we’ve all known for months: This is was simply part of the Tony Abbott’s ideologically-driven hostility towards Australia’s environment.

We want to thank you for your support through this campaign. We know the email campaign to uphold world heritage listing made an impact because we were asked to stop sending the emails which were filling up the World Heritage Committee’s inbox.

Australians really care about their beautiful environment. They want to see it protected and preserved for the enjoyment of all now and in the future. We’ve seen throughout Tony Abbott’s time in government that Australians will stand up against his ‘dig it up, chop it down’ policies.

The fight is not over yet. The Government continues to introduce damaging environmental policies, including handing over environment protection powers to the states, dismantling the clean energy future policy framework and removing support for renewable energy.

There’s more to be done, but for now: thank you for helping to deliver this result. For Tasmanian forests, and for our kids, today is a great day.