I’m writing to you to advise you that after 20 years of representing the constituents of Melbourne Ports, I will not be contesting the seat in the next election. The electorate’s name will be changing from Melbourne Ports to Macnamara. Despite the name change most of the electorate will remain the same, bar the inclusion of a few streets in Windsor and Prahran.  All of you will remain in the same electorate which has been known since federation as Melbourne Ports. The new name for the seat is honours Dame Annie Jean Macnamara (1899-1968), a medical scientist and doctor, famous for her work at the Royal Children’s Hospital and her contributions to Children’s welfare and health.

I want to thank so many of you for contacting my office to express their good wishes after 20 years of intense service to the electorate. Like my predecessors, I have been fortunate to be elected a number of times, although the nature of this seat has changed dramatically in the time since I was first elected. Much of this support is due to the intense level of representation, whether it is locally, nationally and even internationally, that I have endeavoured to undertake as your representative. You may have seen in local newspapers the summary of some of my activities on your behalf over the last years and on the back of this letter I enclose one of those reports.

Most importantly I want you to know that I will continue to be a fierce representative of yours until the Prime Minister calls the federal election, which I suspect won’t be until May. Our office has also moved from its historical base in Fitzroy Street St Kilda to a new location at 219 Barkly Street, near the corner juncture of Barkly Street and Acland Street.

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